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Are you interested in sculptures and statues? Or does the history of the Böttcherstraße excite you? Maybe you want to visit the Schnoor? Just click your way through the carousel and decide what fits you the most!

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The Böttcherstraße

100 years ago Ludwig Roselius built a city inside a city. This tourist attraction exist till today at the exact same spot. Within this tour you will accompany Roselius through time and watch him built one of the most impressive streets in Bremen.

The Churches of Bremen

The Bremer Cathedral is located in the center of the city and one of the impressiv buildings in Bremen. Every tourist has to visit it! There are many other beautiful churches in Bremen, which we will show you within this tour. Obviously, you will also get many historical informations.

The Schnoor

Schnoor is a neighbourhood in the medieval centre of the German city of Bremen, and the only part of it that has preserved a medieval character. You will find many small, colorful buildings and shops within the Schnoor. The alleys are so small, that sometimes you can reach both ends with your hands.

The City of Art I

Every child knows the ``Bremer Stadtmusikanten``, but there are many other sighst in Bremen.
In the first part of ``The City of Art``, we will show you many more statues, sulptures and artworks within the city of Bremen.

The City of Art II

The second part of ``The City of Art`` goes through the ``Wallanlagen``. Besides calm waters and idyllic nature there are many beautiful artworks to admire.

Graffiti - Tour

The Graffiti-Tour ist a little bit different compared with our other tours. Many people associate with graffiti young rebels or pollution. We will show you, that behind many graffitis are big and talented artists.

The Viertel

Probably the most famous distric of Bremen ist the ``Viertel``, sometimes written as 1/4. A colorful cultural and bar scene can be found here right next to the city center. You can look forward to many different shopping opportunities, a varied gastronomic offer and many examples of typical Bremen houses.


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