Your adventure inside an escape room

The special leisure activity

Real Escape Games are exciting

In order to leave the Real Escape Games at the end with a winning smile, the game makes you feel more motivated from task to task. The players of Real Escape Games are given the feeling in this extraordinary leisure activity to dive into a completely new world. Tension, fun, teamwork and tricky puzzles are the focus. All rooms are different because there are different puzzles and a different decoration and decor with different props that make the environment during the Escape Games so fascinating.

Teamspirit and creativity

At the heart of Real Escape Games is the team spirit, as the game ultimately can only be solved as a team. There are a variety of elements hidden in Escape Rooms, which can only be solved by combining a wide variety of puzzle pieces. Thus, the team feeling is strengthened after each mastered task and you grow together stronger. This also makes Real Escape Games ideal for corporate team building. Escape games require teamwork, skill and a little bit of thinking about what they really are for everyone to solve.


Frequent questions

Can we play with more than 6 persons?
If you are more than 6 persons, just book another room at the same time and play against each other. The ones that escape first win!
Can I change the number of persons after the reservation? Will I have to pay the booked price?
A subsequent change in the number of persons is not a problem as long as the capacities of the booked rooms are not exceeded or undercut. Please inform your gamemaster on-site about the current number of persons. The price will of course be adjusted to the new number of persons.
Can I subsequently change or cancel my reservation?
You can cancel your reservation free of charge until 3 days before the date. In order to do so, please write us a short e-mail with your booking number. From the 3rd day we charge a cancellation fee of 70 €. In case of no show without cancellation we charge the full price. If you are a group of 12 or more people, the cancellation has to be done 7 days before the event.
Am I not too old for something like this?
You are never too old for The Key! This indoor game does not require any physical effort or any knowledge of digital media. It is suited for each age cross-generationally.
Is The Key also something for kids?
Family fun, children’s birthday party or a school class. Kids from the age of 10 and up will get the money’s worth for sure! Players younger than 14 years must show up in the company of an adult that can help sort thoughts. By the way, we offer special prices for students in the morning!
Do I need a high IQ to be able to escape the room?
Very clearly: No. In the different tasks, every team member can contribute to the success of the team. And if all efforts do not help, our gamemasters give helpful tips in the appropriate places and in due course. In the end, the fun and the group experience are in the centre.
Do the rooms have different difficulty-levels?
We do have rooms that are slightly different in their levels. Just pay attention to the indicated level of difficulty in the room’s description.
What is the ideal group size for a room?
As measured by the size of the room and number of riddles, our rooms are designed for 2 to 6 players. Of course, you can also play with bigger groups, for example in a versus-game in 2 identical rooms. Basically: The more people are playing in a room together; the more group dynamics can develop.
And if we do not manage to find the final key within the 60 minutes?
Then we have to break the door or get the key service

No, of course not, because you are only locked in symbolically. And even if you do not escape on time, the fun is the main purpose. Our gamemasters will show you the missing solutions and you can try another room another time. So far, we have never had a group that was not overjoyed.

Can I also participate with a physical handicap?
Even though The Key is primarily aimed at mental work, there are still minor physical activities during the search and solving of the riddles. Visual and acoustic signals can be part of the room. Therefore, we recommend having at least one person that can offer support for these tasks. One of our rooms is suitable for physical handicaps. Please contact us before booking, so we can provide with the right room.
Are the rooms of The Key scary?
No. We do not want to scare or frighten anyone. Our rooms already produce enough excitement and thrill. Our focus is the story of the room, the quality of the riddles and especially fun. In addition, we pay regard to every age group.
Questions regarding our vouchers?
No idea for a gift? Running out of time? With a The Key voucher, you have an individual and special gift for everyone. After the order, we will send you the voucher in a representative design and with the desired amount in an e-mail, ready to be printed out. You can find the vouchers under „book now“ and under the information about the rooms. The presenter can either use the voucher when making a reservation online or pay with it on-site.

If for example you have a 2-person voucher and want to play with 4 people, the voucher can also be deducted from the total. The remaining amounts will be transferred to a new voucher which then will be sent to you.


No problem, use our contact form and send us your question(s). We will get back to you as soon as possible.