One last time!

Beat the Bachelor


In order to find out if the future groom is really ready for marriage, we have developed a bachelortour of a different kind. He has yet to prove himself one last time in varied challenges against his buddies.

What is that?

The groom has to take on Beat the Bachelor Tour alone against his buddies. He is always challenged by one of the group and must, of course, win against you. Sometimes you have to beat him in a 1on1, but sometimes as a team.

How does this work?

The whole thing is controlled and explained via tablet and the pre-installed app. After about 3-4 hours, we know if he is ready for marriage or not. There are no excuses such as “I have to do it all by myself”. This will not work later in his marriage.

Explore Bremen on your own

We have developed a tour through Bremen for you, so you not only enjoy the game, but at the same time get to know Bremen a bit better. Your second advantage is that the shopping is always nearby. You do not want to spend 4 hours on dry land and on the other hand do not want to lug around. In addition to the marked supermarkets, kiosks, etc., you will also find some pub recommendations, which you can visit during or after the tour. Of course, the tour can also be played safely without alcohol. So if you do not like to drink, you can still participate.

We don´t know Bremen!

No problem! You play and navigate the whole thing via an iPad, which we make available to you. You can see all the tasks in advance on the built-in map, but you must be in close proximity to the spots to solve them. Each individual spot is GPS-based and usually only within a radius of 20 meters to solve. Thus you can move freely through the city and decide for yourself which tasks you want to play and which path you want to run.

And who won in the end?

There are two results at the end of the tour. For one, you write down on a clipboard how many games the groom and how many games you have won. The first game gives 10 points, the second 20 points, and so on. At the same time, you score points well for each solved task via the app, so they are listed in the bottom of our ranking and can be compared with other teams.