Who needs men?


An unforgettable bachelorparty with The Key Tours Bremen!

You are looking for an alternative bachelorparty? Something new? With the city rally you go on a digital scavenger hunt through our beautiful city of Bremen. The bride and your whole group will remember this unforgettable event for a lifetime.

A mix of escape game, city tour and scavenger hunt

You are going on a city trip to Bremen? You can save yourself the boring city tours neat. With our tablet we send you on a fun city rally through Bremen and bring you to special places in the city center.

Get to know Bremen from another side

Once there, there are various tasks for you to solve, take pictures and have fun. In the fresh air you will get to know and love Bremen. Promised!

From marriage knowledge to culture. There is something for everyone

During the tour everyone of you has to take part, of course, the future bride needs to play the most time, but we just want to prepare her for the life after the wedding. A mix of photo and video tasks awaits you, paired with interesting tasks in the city of Bremen with the subject of marriages.

There will definitely be enough to do

In the city center you will find about 40 spots and tasks that you want to solve. So you do not get lost, you get from us a tablet, which is connected via UMTS and GPS with our servers and the respective Gamemaster. The app is very easy to use and just right for a JGA.

Mhhh, maybe some champagne?

The tour can take up to 4 hours, but you decide what you want to do. You can choose the spots as you like and if you want to stop by in a bar for some champagne, you can do this.

You decide!

It is entirely up to you whether you want to skip embarrassing tasks and devote something more to the culture, or perhaps do both. All photos and videos that are created during the tour will be collected for you, so that you can watch them together later.