For all amateur detectives and private eyes!

TheKey Crime Academy

You always wanted to be Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple? Tail criminals, hunting and securing tracks? Then you’re in the right place at The Crime Academy of The Key!

Become a detective!

On this tour, the teams complete the basic training to become an detective. Among them are shading techniques, proofs or forensics on the program. It is important to follow the tracks, to combine hints and to carry out ransom handovers.

The slightly different city tour

Our Crime Academy takes place in the form of an outdoor event in the city of Bremen, making the marketplace, the “Schlachte” and many other locations in Bremen your own playing field. We have worked out about 40 location-related tasks for you, which now have to be solved by you.

Also suitable for people out of town

Of course you are equipped with high quality equipment, but above all your head is needed. Each group gets a tablet from us, whereupon a card with stored tasks is preinstalled.

A good walk never hurt anybody

Of course, you can not solve the puzzles directly at our door. You have to walk to the points on the map. Each point has a GPS radius. When you reach it, the task unlocks and can be solved. The difficulty of the tasks varies and some tasks are related.

Fun and games under the sun

In the fresh air, the varied tasks provide a lot of fun and surprises: camouflage missions, finding and shading bizarre targets or finding out the right code. Definitly not boring.

The more teams compete against each other, the more exciting it gets.

You can compare yourself via livescore with other teams. Winning and losing is very close to each other and provides even more excitement and competition!

Up to 4 hours of pure entertainment

Depending on the timetable you have to plan about 2-4 hours. Start and end points are located directly in the center of Bremen, so the game can start right away. On request, we can edit the event and adjust the individual points. According to your ideas!